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pleasanton police. >> oakland mayor is looking for federal aid while in washington this week to attend the national conference of mayors and president obama's inauguration on monday. the mayor is planning to meet with several law enforcement agencies to secure and expand federal support to oakland police and the city's crime-fighting effort and is asking governor brown to extend the assistance oakland has been getting from the highway patrol. brown said oakland has to find out what they want. some in oakland want zero police. the leadership of that city has to show the way. brown is a former mayor of oakland. >> people dining out in san francisco will be able to access a restaurant health ratings at their fingertips. the consumer review site "yelp" will post health ratings online. it is a good way to get government information to the public. abc7's reporter will have a live report next year on that partnership. >> the weather forecast, now. it sounds like a broken record, or for the young people, the cd is skipping. >> the cd is stuck. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist , will explain wh
. livermore is 29. oakland is 40. it will be in the 50s and 60s to even upper 60s near 70 toward santa cruz. here is sal. >>> steve, we have a problem on the peninsula i will get to in a moment. on the golden gate bridge the traffic does look good heading south. i want to show you the maps here if i can. there is a big problem on the peninsula southbound 280 at wood side road. car and several deer on the road collided. injury crash. and now the freeway is almost entirely blocked. you can take 101 as your alternative. we will have more on this coming up in a few. let's go back to the desk. >>> last night firefighters in hayward discovered an unresponsive woman after an apartment house caught fire. apartment fire. alex savidge is there. >> reporter: good morning. this woman hospitalized right now is what we understand. we are working right now to get more information from the hayward fire department on her exact condition. this was an elderly woman. she was pulled out of her second story apartment here. this is the second story unit we are showing you right now. last night. the woman suffered
beach, janna. >>> to developing news out of the oakland where we learned there is an officer-involved shooting that happened around 6:30 tonight. details are slim but fire officials have confirmed police were involved in the shooting and a witness at the scene tells us, he saw an officer being taken into an ambulance. we have news crews on the way and will bring you more as it comes into the newsroom. >>> lawmakers gathered to to pay respects to a fallen officer. funeral services were held for ton. he was shot and killed by a man he confronted while responding to a burglary. the suspect turned the gun on himself. among those in attendean was governor jerry brown. >>> two homes in the same upscale neighborhood targeted in terrifying armed rob byes. the similar toys that say the crimes may be linked. >>> and music accompanies the opening of a first of its kind center, why it's the key feature. >>> weather changes are coming, when you may need the jacket and umbrella coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or why it doesn't have to be an
with news out of oakland that is where police have arrested one person but are still searching for two others after an officer shot in the arm during a confrontation last night. >> according to investigators, it happen in the 1700 block of seminary avenue in oakland. this is google art map of the area where happen. >> police shut down the surrounding blocks last night. >> the area is still shut down this morning as the manhunt continues. >> oakland police say their undercover officer was in his car following up on a shooting that happen sunday when someone shot him in the arm. >> so far, the police have given very little inflation. >> we have activated our swat team and some of our other neighboring agencies. we also asked by with patrol for their support. we want to ask the community to continue to be vigilant spirit. please contact the oakland police if you have informations. >> neighbors who live in the area of seminary avenue say that the pilot needs to end. >> the officials need to take heed to what is happening in our city. it is like a war zone. >> officer is being treated for n
overnight power has been restored to thousands of pg&e customers in oakland. pg&e says an under ground explosion and fire at park and mccar there are knocked out power to 5500 homes and businesses. that was about 2:00 this morning. that fire has been put out and power has been fully restored. >>> new developments in the hostage crisis in algeria. the hostage crisis is ongoing and defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. is working to assess what is happening. algerian helicopters stormed a natural gas plant yesterday in an attempt to free dozens of hostages. the hostages include americans and people from at least eight other countries. their fates remain uncertain at this point. there are some reports that hostages escaped but were killed or are then still being held. we're still trying to find out more information. algeria state news reports that 18 militants have been killed. >>> 4:31 is the time right now. oakland mayor jean quan is asking for federal help to combat crime in oakland while in washington, d.c.. she says she is meeting with department of justice to try to bring mor
oakland. >>> a skier buried by an avalanche in the sierra and the dramatic video of the recovery coming up. >>> plus, we'll look at the weather outside your door at this hour and for the afternoon coming up. . >>> authorities say a couple found dead may have been caught up in a storm. the couple had been missing since christmas eve. >>> the avalanche center just released this video from a skier caught in an avalanche. the video was taken from a helmet camera from the rescue team. >>> chilly morning, but as we toss it over to rosmarie we'll check the weather. >>> the weather is feeling a little bit chilly and we are going to continue for the weekend. we are looking at temperatures cool this morning. look at the whites. most of the white in the central value lie but you can see a -- valley, but you can see a few of us in the valley locations sinking in the 20s. the shades of purple shows the 40s. a few shades of pink remaining and along the coastline already warming in the 50s. by noontime, we are feeling pretty good. here's a look at what you can expect for today. 66 in oakland, 65 for frem
"sports illustrated" curse? of leaving the water on... could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building. cbs 5 reporter d >>> a simple mistake of leaving the water on could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building! cbs 5 reporter da lin says it's so bad the building may have to be demolished. >> the sink in the custodian closet was running overnight for ten hours until it was discovered. >> it's a mistake. >> reporter: the mistake shut down oakland unified school district's main building for the remainder of the school- year. this century-old building might be demolished and a custodian was fired. >> if that were my house, my house would be very upset if i forgot to turn off the water and flooded it. >> reporter: the substitute custodian forgot to turn off the water. 1500 gallons damaged all four floors. >> there are some weak points in the floors and ceilings. the insulation had to be ripped out. a lot of places there's asbestos. >> reporter: instead of having all the department's located at one place, they are
temperatures this weekend and 24-hour temperature change oakland hit 62 and concord hit veteran and san francisco at 58, two degrees warmer. fremont at 61. san jose jumped five degrees up to 62. everyone is going to be in the upper 50's to low 60's but for antioch and live more at 56 degrees. mid-to-upper 60's throughout monterey bay and let to upper 60's headed inland the tonight, 20's and 30's, again, forecast for you, and mid-30's to upper 30's an the bay shore. a couple of things to think headed to the beach with temperatures in the 60's, sneaker waves tell -- possible tonight and tomorrow and then saturday and sunday afternoon with strong rip currents and more sneak waves. temperatures taper next week but it looks dry and we are in the 50's by wednesday. >> if san jose we have an an injury accident with a vehicle off the road. there could be some emergency crews blocking a lane. eastbound 4, we have road closing left lane closed until 6:00 and westbound is jamming up out of antioch and under 20 minutes to 242. northbound 242 at willow pass to concord avenue we have road work until
:01. young child in oakland remains in critical condition after being hit by a car. it happened at 28th avenue and foothill boulevard about 5:30. police say it was not a hit and run. investigators want to know if the young boy ran out into traffic or if he was in the crosswalk. >>> new information this morning on boeing's troubled 787 dream liner. japanese investigator says excess voltage may be causing battery issues. the federal aviation administration grounded all of boeing 787 until they can prove the batteries are safe. that is after a dream liner had to make an emergency landing in japan after a battery light came on. and a battery fire was reported on another 787 in boston. >>> we are following developing news in an ongoing situation in algeria. where they took dozens of foreigners hostage including some americans. there is word this morning the algerian military has launched another raid on the complex to try to free the remaining hostages. it's believed as many as 35 people were killed in a raid by algerian troops yesterday. coming up at 5:15 why algeria says it could not warn
firefighters had to save him. >>> westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland, getting a little bit more crowded. peel we'll you -- we'll tell you about other things og gun in the east bay. &c&c1 powerful answers. verizon. >>> aagency >>> a hawaiian beach is back open after a surfer was attacked by a shark. it happened two days ago. a 43-year-old man was reportedly surfing about 200 yards offshore with a friend when a shark bit his arm. he also suffered injuries to his legs. it's believed the shark was a 15-foot tiger shark. >> it was somewhat kemping this is our surf break and there's a 15 to 16-foot tiger shark right there, hanging out -- concerning this is our surf break and there's a 15 to 16- foot tiger shark right out there. >>> a firefighter had to be rescued himself from smalling snow. he climbed a ladder to get to people trapped on the fourth floor, when a huge amount of show hit him. etch was knocked down, but somehow he managed -- he was knocked down but somehow he managed to stay on the bad -- on the ladder. >> it makes sense the heat would melt that and make it fall off. >>
makovec, cbs 5. >>> a $12,000 reward is up for grabs if you know where a stolen piece of oakland's history is. here it is. the historic gold box was stolen last week. the museum's insurance company is offering a $12,000 reward for its return. the box is 7 inches high and deep and 9 inches long. it was stolen during a break-in last week. >>> well, this next story is the story we've been talking about all day long. the football player's girlfriend hoax. >> it's a strange one. it was the feel-good story of the college football season. now it's come to a very confusing end. notre dame's manti te'o dominated on the football field, just days after learning his grandmother and girlfriend died within hours of one another. turns out te'o's girlfriend never existed. now everyone wants to know, was te'o in on it or was he the victim of a terrible scam? >> i think she said something like i love you. >> reporter: it was a tragic love story that prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief for a college football star. man tie tayo's long-time girlfriend, le
and in the early morning hours. 7:00 a.m., the 20's through santa rosa, napa, fairfield. 30's and 40's for oakland. in the south bay, another cold evening fiord milpitas. 36 in redwood city but we have beautiful weather, not for this holiday weekend. catherine? >> catherine: the problems surrounding boeing's 787's continues. now - the company has stopped delivery of the planes. boeing says the manufacturing process has not been halted -- but the planes won't be sent out until safety problems have been solved. almost all of the dreamliners have been a string of problems - including battery fires. it's now believed that the lithium batteries used in the 787's were over- charged. that doesn't explain all the problems however -- including a cracked cockpit window. >> pam: changes to airport security. the transportation security adminstration says body scanners, which produce graphic images people nude will be removed from airports. the so called "virtual strip" searches have generated some concrens among travelers. the moves comes after the manufacturer admitted it couldn't meet a deadline set by lawm
get a crash, they tend to be more serious. so far, so good. no major problems on the oakland freeway system either. when up get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see a light commute. it's not much of a commute today. b.a.r.t. is on a saturday schedule as you go through the system. if you are drivingen 0 the peninsula, it -- if you are driving on the peninsula, 880 looks good. take it easy out there. we don't have a lot of -- a lot of slow traffic right now. 7:09. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. clear skies here. still an offshore breeze. that's land to see breeze which is why the coast has been nice. rather breezy to windy. today everything is good. inauguration forecast, it does call for chilly temperatures. inauguration. thank you. thank you. 30s for many. and then the 40s. dropping rapidly. but it looks mostly sunny. we have clear skies but two systems are going to purge. one pout of the gulf and one out of the southwest and they will start to bring -- one out of the gulf and one out of the southwest and they will start to bring more clouds than rain. a pattern change
the president wanted to see for the president wanted to see for the last time. >> breaking news oakland. officer is shot and search is going on right now for the suspect. live pictures from sky 7 hd. good evening. >> now this is happening not too far from the oakland coliseum. we give you perspective open the map. 1700 seminary avenue. few block from international boulevard and nimitz freeway. sky 7 hd is live over the scene right now. let's bring in allen wong who is with police in the neighborhood and joins us live by telephone. what can you tell because what is going on. >> right now police have several streets closed off and conducting a yard to yard search with canine for 3 suspects involved in the shooting of that officer. the mayor's office says the officer was shot in the arm during a stop in the 1700 block of seminary avenue. that's about a mile west of mills clem. earlier police were searching the rainbow recreation center not far from her but so far no arrest made. all went down around 6:30 this evening at harmon and seminary avenue. we haven't been told what sparked the i
larry reid. is oakland ever going to figure this out? >> to be honest with you, probably not in my lifetime. but hopefully at some point we'll figure it out. >> reporter: now, the bratton contract isn't the only point of controversy when it comes to police at city hall. a measure by two of the counsel sell members including larry reid to spend money to hire in sheriff's deputies to help with patrolling drawing opposition from of all people the police officers union, which says the money is better spent on cops already in oakland. it just goes to show, in this city, everyone has a position and rarely do they mesh together even on the most vital issues. >> what's next on this consultant issue, phil, whether it's bratton or somebody else? when will we find out who it is? >> next tuesday at the council meeting, it comes up again. it's going to promise to be an even livelier meeting if you want to call it that than the one last night and it is going to be the big question is whether they go with this or not. but that's the next one next tuesday. >>>
and oakland coliseum, so if you have a flight to catch no delay on southbound 880. not sure you may still find overnight roadwork still in lanes between 66 and 980. this is a live look at the getting golden gate. nothing much out there right now it slow you down. we saw some lanes change trucks drive by within the last half hour or so. not one yellow sensor so far on westbound five five 580. that's "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >>> a 98-year-old woman is the first bay area resident to have died from the flu virus. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at a safeway right now in san francisco where apparently they are getting more flu vaccine. >> reporter: good morning. the flu is now widespread throughout california and has already taken the life of a bay area woman. a 98-year-old woman died earlier this month from the flu and pneumonia and this marks the first bay area death from the flu this season. now, four other people in the state have also died from the illness one in the sacramento area, another in the central valley, and two down in sout
>> reporter: and active manhunt continues in this oakland neighborhood as police try to track down two armed men wanted in connection with the shooting of a police officer. >>> it's shocking. nothing like that ever happens around here. >> gunfire in a usually quiet bay area neighborhood. the reason police are surprised about the victim. >> reporter: san jose had celebrated the arrival of its first international carrier but now operations are at a standstill. we'll tell you the airline's latest announcement and the mess it's causing for travelers. >>> back to work after a holiday. traffic times are up, especially at some of the key commutes. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. tori campbell is in washington, d.c. on assignment and dave clark has the day off today. >>> in overnight news, a manhunt continues in oakland for two suspects who shot and wounded a police officer. that shooting happened at seminary and east 17th street last night shortly before 6:30. ktvu's alex savidge has been there since 4:30 this morning tells us police have b
in oakland right now as the police department is shorthanded and are trying to get officers out as quickly as they can. live in oakland, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >>> new details on the home invasion murder of a bay area millionaire. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that it could be connected to a notorious east oakland gang. the paper says that recover very kumra was killed -- ravi kumra was killed not long after a prostitute revealed details about his mansion to members of "the money team" one of the gangs oakland police blame for a recent spike in violent crime. at least two of the three accused killers are believed to have ties to that gang. >>> we also learned today a san jose mother's frightening story of a kidnapping attempt was made up. police sprang into action tuesday after a man reported a man tried to grab her 2-year- old daughter out of her arms. police canvassed her neighborhood even released a sketch of a suspect. today the mother came clean and admitted she made it up. police are not saying why she did that. but she could
to the bay area weekend. >>> a young boy was hit by a car in oakland tonight and is in critical condition at children's hospital. police say the boy was struck at 48th avenue and foothill avenue around 5:30 p.m. police say he was bleeding from the head. at this point police are trying to figure out if he ran into traffic or he was hit while in the crosswalk. >>> meantime there's a dramatic twist to the story we told you last night about the attempted kidnapping of a south bay child. amber lee is live where officials now say the mother's story was all a lie. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they're upset and can't understand why someone would lie about an attempted child kid kidnapping. in the meantime the mother who made apparently made the false report lives in the two story home behind me. our camera was there, you could barely see the mother, that's the top of the head. they quickly walked inside without talking. but yesterday she told us and police that a man had walked up to her and tried to snatch her 3-year-old daughter from her arms. >> we were tugging at each other and her bottom
by a car in oakland tonight and is in critical condition at children's hospital. police say the boy was struck at 48th avenue and foothill avenue around 5:30 p.m. police say he was bleeding from the head. at this point police are trying to figure out if he ran into traffic or he was hit while in the crosswalk. >>> meantime there's a dramatic twist to the story we told you last night about the attempted kidnapping of a south bay child. amber lee is live where officials now say the mother's story was all a lie. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they're upset and can't understand why someone would lie about an attempted child kid kidnapping. in the meantime the mother who made apparently made the false report lives in the two story home behind me. our camera was there, you could barely see the mother, that's the top of the head. they quickly walked inside without talking. but yesterday she told us and police that a man had walked up to her and tried to snatch her 3-year-old daughter from her arms. >> we were tugging at each other and her bottoms were falling off. >> reporter: her story
in oakland and novato of the san francisco is 48. temperature of 31 in gilroy to 45 in salinas, the extremes around monterey bay. more warming. more poor air quality. rough surf today. worst through the weekend. next chance of rain possibly is in two weeks -- next month. we are four degrees warmer in napa than average, san francisco is five degrees warmer, and live more and oakland seven degrees warmer-than-average this afternoon. if you get a chance to step out, low-to-mid 60's at fremont at 66. monterey bay, too. and a few 70's around salinas. tonight, we will have frost inland. but not around the bay and to the coast with mid-30's to low 40s. sneaker waves possibility tonight through tomorrow morning. and steady big waves saturday at 10:00 through sunday at 4:00 p.m. so saturday 10:00 a.m. until sunday 4:00 p.m. and in the middle of that is maverick at half moon bay. you are in the 60's by 11:00 and mid-60 in the afternoon. gorgeous at the coast but for the dangerous coast. mid-to-upper 60's for highs this weekend and back to the 50's wednesday and thursday. it will still be dries though.
and in oakland meters are not being enforced. we are looking at the maps this morning just to see the road sensors and it is not here or on the peninsular, it looks good as well. >>> still an offshore breeze for us, that means inn all racing forecast. we have it combed temperatures and automatic the precipitation will stay to the north and for us, the cold air if it is inland it will be where is it is very mild and a half moon bay 50s and low 30s in san rafael, napa airport 38 and that's because of an easterly breeze. system will hold off until tomorrow when we get increasing clouds and sunny mild to warm, offshore one more day and it will turn more westerly, more clouds and cooler than anything else. but our cloud rain forecast gives us more on tuesday and watch what happens as they try to payment them north. that will be the end result but it will be a lot of cloud tore. it looks good and by the coast near 60 degrees and capitoa and santa rosa 65, novato is in there, gilroy pushing 67. it looks cooler towards the end of the week. >>> time now 6:41, it is dr. martin luther king, jr. day a
and the leadership of that city has to show the way. >> oakland gets some advice from a former mayor as the city grapples again with how to respond to a spike in deadly violence. we have been here before and tonight cbs 5 reporter phil matier points out the various factions are falling into a familiar pattern that normally frankly ends in failure. phil. >> reporter: that's right. and it is going to be an interesting twist because oakland is really at a crossroads. here's the story. how many times have we seen a surge of violence in the streets of oakland followed by officials saying the violence has got to stop and then the city council meeting where the latest plan being offered is met with stiff opposition. >> let's stop it. >> reporter: this time the fight is over bringing in former new york police chief bill bratton as an advisor on reducing crime but it was his controversial use of "stop & frisk" that some say targets minorities that took center stage. bob jackson who asked the mayor for a state of emergency was one of those who sat through the barrage.
with yellow stripes and says he smelled like motor oil. late today, oakland police released this sketch of a man they say tried to kidnap a woman walking on east 12th street near the bart station back in december. glad to tell you she got away. oakland police ask you you to call if you recognize this man. >>> tonight the wife of a man who died after being shot in san jose last week has come forward with police at her side to ask for the public's help in solving her husband's murder. more from news reporter karina rusk. >> reporter: the wife of san jose's first homicide victim of the year broke down in tears describing her pain and the emptiness her young daughter feels. her husband, 34-year-old ivan grew up in san jose and was a barber. on january 5 he was shot at least one near his home on tripoli avenue. his body was found the next morning. police say there is no evidence of gangs or any illegal activity and they need the public's help. but you more than that, the family is pleading for information that will solve this crime. >> it is very hard for me because i have a daughter five ye
in parts of the north bay. about five, six degrees above that today. 65 in oakland with 64 in fremont. mid-60s for you in the south bay. here we have the 70s continuing for saw lean mass and santa cruz today. so if you like this kind of weather, we have a couple more days like. this then it is going to start to begin to feel more like the season. by wednesday the cooler air, maybe a shower. thursday partly cloudy and the next system, it could bring some pretty good rain with cooler temperatures by the end of the week. so we will be ready. >> yeah. and january is typically our rainiest month. >> it is. but we have the midwinter dry spell which is not unusual either. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this afternoon the san jose sharks finally open their season in calgary. the puck drops at 3:00 this afternoon. but as you know, all eyes are going to be on atlanta as the 49ers try to advance to super bowl xlvii in new orleans. they need a win today over the falcons. here's collin resch with a look at the team's preparations before today's game. >> good morning. >> no more talk, no mo
be a victim of the money team. it's a notorious east oakland street gang. the "chronicle" reports ravi kumra was killed not long after a prostitute revealed details about his on length monte sereno home -- opulent monte sereno home to gang members. two of the three killers are believed to have ties to the gang. >>> the man convicted of killing two people at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza is expected to be sentenced today. investigators say nathan burris shot and killed his former girlfriend and her friend back in 2009. the jury gave burris the death penalty. >>> today is san jose police chief chris moore's last day on the job. he since expressed frustration at budget cuts that prompted officers to find jobs in other cities. deputy chief larry esquivel is interim chief but doesn't want the job long term. one of chief moore east final actions happened yesterday when he turned down a request by casino m8trix to have gambling facilities on the 8th floor. he followed the variety of size of sjpda's gaming administrator says multilevel gambling
. inside the bay looking like 60 degrees in oakland, 62 in santa rosa and about 60 in petaluma. the next couple of days mid-60s in the warmest spots. mild sunshine continuing throughout the weekend and then maybe we start to get back into some wet weather as we look toward the middle of next week but, yes, dan was cruising around looked outside saw a fireball racing across the bay area skies. so what a neat sight. the most spectacular thing he said he ever saw. >> cool. >> we missed it. >> i know. we're stuck indoors. >> thank you. >>> well, we all know california's nickname of course is the golden state but do you know which state is the granite state? >> new hampshire. the one sixth grader in the east bay knows all of them and that's because his school makes learning geography fun. that's what makes cooper elementary school cool. >>> reporter: the principal at cooper elementary says motivation is the key to her students' success. >> if they can find something that they're interested in that they can feel that they can accomplish and they can learn
at oakland's laney college flea market. stolen computers and other items end up here for sale. >> do you know it's a felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> all i know is that i work here. >> reporter: she e-mailed the pictures to the user and demanded she return the computer. it worked. >> she said she spent the morning crying because she was so upset about it. >> reporter: the family is out the $800 they paid for that stolen computer. the gallery owner offered to pay for half because he figured they were all victims. the family thanked them and said no thank you because they figured they learned a tough lesson. police say they don't have the resources to msht monitor what goes -- to monitor what goes on in those flea markets. >>> it's boeing's most technologically advanced aircraft. but tonight too many problems have them all grounded. this is a 787 taking off from snow last week. the grounding follows a number of emergency land beings and other problems. cbs reporter randall pinkston on the issues turning the dreamliner into a bit of a nightmare. >> reporter: the faa ordered all boeing 787 d
to an oakland gang. the san francisco chronicle said the victim allegedly passed on information about kumra's mansion. the game hatched the home invasion plan. 3 men charged with murder. dixon is an excessery. >> a pursuit ended in a crash just after 5 this afternoon. deputies say they tried to stop a car from reckless driving but called off when the suspect went on city streets crashing near 3 vehicles. several people were injured but nobody went to the hospital. officers say they found a handgun, an ak 47, both of them loaded inside the suspect's car. >>> now to washington d.c. san francisco's mayor, edlee is on with president obama in gun violence. >> by doing what we can do by joining the national effort is going to be critical. >> oakland mayor jean quan says now is the time, and she thinks most americans agree. vice president joe biden addressed the congress today. hess they need the mayor's support to get passed by congress. it is expected to be a fight. >>> overwhelming turn out for marin county is prompting a change. success led to serender. >> for last tuesday's buy back event, su
disappeared. she may have been spotted in oakland yesterday. she has left the facility in the past but she has never been gone this long. >> right now, algerian state news is reporting 12 algerians and foreigners are known dead in hostage stand off. today is the third day of a stand off with militants at a natural gas complex. an official says the americans are held hostage in algeria. it began when a bus carrying international workers came under attack. a state department spokesman says that the u.s. is working with algeria and other governments to try to secure their release. no word on how many americans are still being held. the government's confirmation comes as some americans were being ferried out of the algeria. >> the manti te'o story continues. was he duped? was it a hoax? the linebacker for notre dame has yet to comment on a public hoax concerning an online girl lead something to know how much he knew before revealing the truth. questions are surfacing of interviews he did in the days after finding out about the hoax where he continues with the story that his girlfriend died. we now
! already in the upper 30s. santa rose alivermore, con -- rosa, livermore. san francisco, 53. oakland, 52 degrees. a high surf advisory up and down the coast in the bay area. seas are going to build 8-10 feet. some spots could get to 20 feet. watch out for the sneaker waves! every sixth or seventh can be a strong one with a pull out to sea. please, swim with caution, or stay out of the water! concord, december, ton of rainfall. january, 1 quarter of 1 inch of rain. and we're not going to see any until wednesday. high pressure still protect the bay area. but things are getting more active 100 miles off to the west. and all of this meswill eventually move in -- of this mess will eventually move in. that's the entire holiday weekend still under the influence of this big bubble of high pressure. sunny, dry, mild in the 60s. before high pressure moves out middle of next week, a week cold front moves through, a couple showers on wednesday, not friday. and then an onshore flow will make us cooler for several days thereafter. a great, beautiful weekend to get outside! watch out for the rough surf
in oakland and we could be warmer. with your holiday >> prosecutors in santa clara county are weighing. whether to file charges against a san jose woman, who they say, made up an attempted kidnapping. the woman initially told police a man tried to snatch her daughter from her arms outside her home tuesday evening. police noticed some inconsistencies in the mother's story and after re-interviewing her. the mother admitted it was all a hoax. the father of the toddler says this isn't the first time his ex has lied like this. >> she even went as far as to solicit donations for my daughter's treatment for leukemia. setting up a bank account, her out of state family donated about 2 thousand dollars towards my daughter's care. she was confronted by her best friend as to what taylor's treatments are and that's when she came clean. >> this is the first time people outside of my family are getting to see the type of monster that she is. earlier this week, araujo told police a man tried to kidnap her daughter from in front their home and she got into a tug-of-war until she got a hold of the toddl
. oakland reached a high of 70 degrees. it was 73 in santa cruz. 53 in san francisco. north bay, mid to upper 60s. cloverdale as well as napa, 67 degrees. east bay we have a little bit of fog from the delta so numbers are a little cooler, all in the 60s for concord and antioch as well as livermore. it's already 35 degrees. temperature really dropping toward fairfield. 54 is san francisco. 50 mountain view. 40 livermore and san jose right now, 48 degrees. we're going to keep it cold overnight especially in the protected valley areas. we'll bring patchy valley fog in. don't forget high surf tomorrow. also we have the mavericks going on tomorrow and more mild days at least the next couple of days first part of the workweek. high surf advisory, tomorrow afternoon, 4:00, swells up to 20 feet and large rip currents and large breaking waves. these are some of the current wave heights, just in the seven-foot range but anticipating these to build overnight and by tomorrow morning, reaching about 10-15 as high as 20 feet in some locations. >> cold temperatures, below freezing in the north bay
in san francisco but 37 in livermore and santa rosa. in the middle we find oakland at 49. concord, 39. and san jose, currently 42. rough surf at the coast. watch out for that all weekend long. some isolated spots may get up to 20 feet. watch out for those waves and a high risk of rip currents. bottom line, swim with caution all weekend long. our hi-def doppler is showing dry conditions for the eighth straight day. it's been very dry. january, only a quarter of an inch of rainfall for concord. in december, you had 5 inches of rain. this month we have a big ridge of high pressure. it's not moving, so the forecast isn't going to change for the upcoming holiday weekend. the high pressure center is just off to our west. that means sunshine, dry, mild through the holiday weekend. tuesday as well. pattern is going to change earlier than we thought, though. there will be a weak front moving through, giving us showers on wednesday. so cooler, cloudier, chance of rain next week. but your hoistled is going to be -- your holiday is going to be great. w
jose is 5 and extra were is 63. livermore, 63. oakland, 65, seven degrees warmer-than-average. and 65 in santa rosa and san jose the warmest weather, fremont, the warmest at 66 and fairfield is coolest at 60. upper 60's in the monterey bay to upper 60's to low 70's inland. tonight there is a a chance of scattered frost and mid-30's to around the low 40s. a sneaker wave tonight through tomorrow morning so watch out walking in the water and sentence at 4:00 the strong swells come up to 20'. rip currents develop. we could still have sneaker waves. the seven-day outlook shows warmest weather saturday and sunday mid-to-upper 60's and down to the 50's as it moves north but the system does not bring rain. >> if you are headed to the coast for mavericks, there will be beautiful wet but a lot of folks. southbound 280 an accident in the right lane in west san jose. there is a stall on 580 blocking the off-ramp in livermore. we have a stall in santa rosa, and this is a van that caught on fire and it is now on the shoulder and fire crews are on the scene and the fire should be out but you could f
a string of events led them tie woman who claims she was kidnapped at gunpoint in oakland and then forced into prostitution by a vallejo couple. police say 31-year-old james thomas and his girlfriend seen here, 20-year-old xavieria laney are being healed on suspiction of king county forcible kidnapping and forcible pimping. witnesses say thomas left the scene in a white mustang and he was later located at a home on kentucky street and at that home an adult woman said she had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. >>> a water-main break caused troubles in san leandroo. the breaker was first reported around 4:20 this afternoon. san leandro police had to shut down the road. the road was reed about two hours later the one worker told ktvu they opened up a nearby fire hydrant to reduce the force of water at break. no word on when crews might be able to repair all of that damage. >>> new developments tonight in the sexual assault case against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree. a lawyer for the player issued a statement today. crabtree's attorney says his client was interviewed by san f
. hayward, oakland and san francisco. the mid 40's and even though the weather is tranquil. we do have a fierce waves with a high surf advisory. in addition, we will see a strong recurrent for the mavericks' competition. possibly dangerous this weekend along the coast more details on that, coming up. >> the coast guard is warning people to be on the lookout for waves that could be up to 20 ft.! the fight to protect the second ammendment generates passion and anger in pacifica today. why some who normally take a back seat are now stepping plus.similar pro-gun rallies across the country. how social media is playing a role. and the hostage crisis in algeria is now over.we have updated casualty numbers.and what the algerian government is doing right now. thousands of gun advocates gathered today in pacifica to rally against stricter limits on firearms. >> the group included families kron 4's jeff pierce spoke to advocates at the event celebrating their 2nd amendment right. >> pisspeaking throu megaphone) this is were we draw a line in the sand. we are not going to back up we are not going
's a look at current readings. in the 30s in the north bay. 36 in fairfield. 51 in san francisco. oakland, 44. 37 in livermore. 45 in san jose. >> we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. >> ama: still to come at 11:00, fleury -- flurry of activities as the president gets sworn in for a second term. >>> plus, people run for their lives during a shooting at a gun show, and it wasn't the only one today. >> later, bloody end to the hostage standoff in algeria. what >> ama: it is inaugural weekend at the nation's capitol. tonight michelle obama and her children rocked out at the kids' inaugural concert. the president will take the official oath of office tomorrow and festivities continue through monday. here's a preview. reporter: hundreds of thousands have packed the national mall on monday, eager to witness in person the second inauguration of president obama. but they're not quite partying like it's 2009. four years ago, record 1.8 million people gathered to see the swearing in of the first african-american president this year officials estimate 600,000 to 800,000 will be on hand. more
'8" with a pot-belly. >>> now we have a look at the historic gold box stolen from the oakland museum of california last week. the museum's insurance company is offering a $12,000 reward for its return. the box is 7" high and deep and 9" long. it was taken in the second break-in at the museum in two months. the museum has increased its security since then. >>> bay area residents are weighing in on another idea -- or an idea of another area code so get ready for 628. this would cover marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. the california puc held its first meetings yesterday for public feedback. it has two options. it can split the region so one part keeps 415 and the rest even current 415 phones would change to 628. or it can just add 628 in the 415 region. people get really possessive with their area codes, right? >> we all do. >>> a federal judge will consider whether to block the implementation of san francisco's nudity ban at a hearing today. public nudity activists are asking the judge to block the law while he considers their lawsuit
jose, 59. 60s in oakland, 66 today. san jose also hit the mid-60s. as expected with all that sunshine, nothing on the radar. tonight for the first time in about a week, week and a half, i think everybody stays above freezing. that's you in fairfield, 34. santa rosa, 34. 42 for oakland. san francisco down to 44. redwood city, 41 degrees. we are still trending milder. two things i want to point out here. one, that deflect tore shield, big bubble of high pressure is still here. one of these systems will get here toward the middle of next week. we can see the end of this pattern. it's not going to happen this weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, all about that big bubble of high pressure moving over top of northern california. you stay sunny, dry, mild, all the way through tuesday when you head back to work and kids go back to school. changes coming toward the middle of next week. it's going to be a subtle change. not going to get pouring rainfall. slight chance of rain next friday. the bigger change will be an increase in clouds, as th
in the santa rosa, and freezing it in vallejo. for the bay shore, it definitely still cold and oakland. and a san jose. the areas of patchy frosts are expected but no frost advisories and for the afternoon temperatures are going to be warming up. 60s through san jose and the 60s in mountain view. temperatures will be slightly cooler as well. 50s through concord, livermore. for the east bay shore upper 50s for the most part. through a union city and temperatures also warming up with 56 degrees in ocean beach. a mixture of 50s & 60s for the north bay. a look a your extended forecast with chilly conditions that things are warming up and they will continue as the go for the weekend. temperatures will be in the 40's but next week we could see a breakdown of that blocking pattern. more cloud coverage and the possibility of rainfall by late next week. here.which can fire rounds surf's up this weekend off the coast of half moon bay-- as officials announce that the mavericks surf competition will begin this sunday. the contest is held a half- mile off the coast of half moon bay at the mavericks
the mayors of san jose, san francisco and oakland, who are already at the capitol for the u-s conference of mayors. they're all extending their stay to witness president obama take the oath of office. and as we mentioned, kron four will carry tomorrow's public ceremony live. its scheduled to start at 8- 30 monday morning. and we'll also have the inaugural parade live on our 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10-35. a developing story out of the east bay this morning. where there's been a fatal shooting outside the bayfair bart station in san leandro. police say a 40-year old man was killed. and a woman was also hit by gunfire saturday afternoon. authorities expect the woman to recover. the attack happened in broad daylight, and authorities want to reassure transit riders about their safety. >> we are always concerned whether or not anny shooting happens, on bart property or not. this is not a typical occurrence. >> police have detained one suspect in the shooting. they're also reviewing interviewing witnesses. >> now to the big showdown between the niners and the kickoff is at noon
for grabs if you know where a stolen piece of oakland art is located. it was stolen last week. the insurance company is offering a $12,000 reward for the return of the gold box. the box is 7" high and deep, and 9" long. it was taken in the second break-in at the museum in just two months. the museum has increased its security. >>> the bay area is on the verge of getting another area code. options are being considered on how to deal with fewer available numbers in marin, san francisco, and san mateo counties. so get ready for 628. the california puc held its first public meetings yesterday and some long-time san franciscans say they prefer to hang up on the idea of changing their number. >> nobody wants to dial more numbers. nobody -- they want to keep their number the same. if you make a mistake you have to dial the first number and then the next number and so forth and you have so many numbers that you have to dial, it's confusing. >> get attached to those numbers. the public can comment at two meetings today at san rafael city council
in the east bay. northbound 880 look at this. really backed up past the oakland coliseum. all the way up towards high street. the problem is near the high street off-ramp. there's an accident two left lanes blocked. drive time is very slow right now. 31 minutes between 238 and the maze. and we still have this problem out there a stalled big rig, they are clearing it now northbound 238 before 880. that's a traffic check. for a weather update, here's lawrence. >> you have some hot spots, i have some cold spots out there now. high pressure overhead, skies staying clear overnight. but the temperatures getting chilly again. down into the 20s in santa rosa, also into concord right now. 32 and freezing in livermore. 40s in san francisco and pacifica. this afternoon we are planning on highs into the 60s and very nice, hazy sunshine all the way to the coastline lasting through the weekend, maybe showers next wednesday. ♪ >>> this firefighter in siberia was trying to rescue people from a burning apartment building yesterday. look at this huge chunk of snow
agreement. bay area mayors as well. the chief of oakland says one of her key missions will be talking to law enforcement experts about crime fighting tactics. oakland's public safety committee recommended against bringing in well-known policing expert bill bradley. >>> a charge of car theft doesn't usually prompt a request to move a trial but when the car in question is a $200,000 lamborghini belonging to the top chef, that changes things. trying to move the trial saying the theft of the high-profile car has drawn such intense publicity he can't find an impartial jury. he is accused of firing a gun at a teenaged couple. the bullets missed them but they were hit by broken glass. the attorney also wants that case tried separately in that car. >> surf is up sunday at mavericks. organizers of the surf contest made the call today. looking at chomer video of the surf break with about a half mile off the coast of half moon bay. contest worthy right now but the man who discovered the massive waves says those big waves will be arriving all weekend and the c contest is a go. live with some very bad du
, and oakland is five degrees warmer than average at 62. antioch and livermore at 56. we will be at 62 in san jose. the temperatures to the south are mid-to-upper 70's in monterey bay and low-to-upper 60's inland. a few 20 inland but a lot of low 30's to upper 30's tonight and mid-40's in san francisco and the coast. tomorrow through saturday morning, sneaker waves so we have a beach hazard up and down the coastline. the surf is more dangerous saturday night at, rather, saturday morning at 10:00 to 4:00 as the swells are up to 20' with a dangerous rip current and large waves. be careful at the beach because i know you want to enjoy the 60's in the sunshine this weekend. next week we cool by wednesday and still dry all seven days. >> the east shore freeway commute as you move from richmond beyond the golden gate fields university island, it is real slushing, bumper to bumper, and here is how the bay bridge toll plaza looks, metering lights were turned on with a stalled pickup for over 30 minutes and that has been cleared but the damage has been done and heavy on the upper deck and the car pool
the machines. oakland has five scanners and eight are in operation in san jose. all the scanners in oakland and san jose will be removed before the deadline in june. >>> the older you get, the harder to multitask. new information shows older adults need more blood in their brain doing both mental and physical work. researchers say that means older brains need to work harder to multitask. researchers in japan monitored brain blood flow in young and older adults, they are planning more studies to see if training exercises that combine both mental and physical activities can help keep the brain younger. >> i get accused of not being able to multitask. >> i thought it was a female/male thing. >> you couldn't do this job if you weren't a multitasker. the yob is that much harder, guys. >> that's a beautiful shot. >> the good news when it comes to the weather and the sky camera shot. we'll let you know who will hit 70 degrees coming up. >>> jeff, i like the sound of that. in sports, 49ers finished their final preparations to the nfc championship game. plus, bust er posey, hunter pene and gregor bl
the first 90 minutes that aired thursday night. >>> san jose and oakland international air parts are removing the body scanners that produce a naked image of air travelers. the scanners raced privacy concerns immediately after they were produced. congress issued an order either fix them or remove them by this june. tsa said the company that makes the sonars was not able to come one a software fix to make them comply with the congressional man date so they are going. the head of the california university system is stepping down. after stew years as president markka develop announced his resignation yesterday. he man's on to give the board until august to find a replacement. he plans to return to teaching law at u.c. berkeley. in a written statement he said the prior 18 months brought a state of taxing heather ishimaru use, though these challenges have been largely overcome i feel it is time to make a change in my professional lifestyle. he did not elaborate on his health problems. >>> the number of freshman applicants to attend the system for 2013 marks a record high. nearly 175,0
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